Intresting, Need help.

Ok I just bought and put together a new system, heres my problem.

I installed Windows XP Pro 32bit, formating goes just fine and everything finishes up. Then when the computer tries to boot up into Windows, it restarts itself at the black Windows Loading screen. When it restarts it gives me the option to boot into SafeMode / Safemode with networking / Last known good config etc. And the only one that works is just normal safemode.

When I install Windows XP Pro 64-Bit RC1 I dont have this problem at all, everything boots up just fine. But im a gamer and the lack of video driver support for RC1 is killing me on the inside. So i need to try and get WindowsXP Pro 32bit working on my computer.

Heres my system specs:

AMD Athlon 3400+ Newcastle
MSI K8N Neo Plat
3x Kingston 3200
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  1. someone, anyone!
  2. Tried a windowsxp disc with sp1 or sp2 already installed?

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  3. It kind of sounds like it may be a video driver problem, but we'll see. I'd say boot into safe mode and remove all video drivers you have installed (if any) AND the card, then reboot into regular mode and let Windows rediscover it.

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