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Crysis problem on 4650

I used high setting in Crysis. My graphic card is 1gb ddr2 hd4650.

All levels are working fine, but when i play Reckoning level & tried to kill the big alien, the game freeze and crash back to desktop. I also get the "Crysis has stopped working" message.

So i set low setting but still get the same problem. To find out the problem i install Crysis on my another pc, which has a 9500gt 512mb ddr2. But i wonder, crysis work fine on that pc with default setting.

What is the problem on my first pc?

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  1. Check if ur drivers are up to date
  2. I'm using catalyst 10.5 driver but no use.

    Any things else i can do?
  3. Hmm , if crysis worked fine on the other pc, [guessing its the same install cd], u may try to re install, maybe it got confilcted.
  4. You are right. The install dvd is same. I re-install it before but no use. The same thing happen. I heard that playing the game in dx9 mode will fix it.
    But how i run the game in dx9?
  5. It might not be the card, what else do you have in your PC? Could be the RAM.
  6. Depends, what windows do u have ?
    If win 7, then right click- properties, check compatibility mode..
  7. It could be videocard overheats. Manually set the GPU fan to 100% and see if that fixes the problem.
  8. i have the same problem. not sure what it is but its not a heat issue. i think its just a corrupted cd. because iv installed it on two different computers and its the same problem
  9. @aztec_scribe, I think its not about my ram. My is 2gb ddr2 and cpu is Pentium dual core 2.7ghz. I am using win 7. My card's temperature is 53c during game play, which is good for my gpu. I also install my friend's cd. But the same problem appear.

    win 7 give me a massage to debug the game via visual studio. But i dont no how to fix it. Is there any update file released from crytek?
  10. Run it on compatibility mode for xp then , use as administrator.
    Or else, try to reinstall the game if still not, - re install win 7 -.-
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  12. Running in compatibility mode for xp getting worse than earlier. In xp mode, after game crashing, my pc take auto-restart.
  13. Finally I solved the problem. Its just simple. Playing in DX9 mode form Game explorer, by right clicking Crysis icon and choosing DX9.

    But i think crysis only crash with ATI gpu in DX10 mode. In all other forum, those who clam about crysis crash are having Ati gpu. My two friends using nvidia gpu and having no problem with Reckoning level. One using 9600gt and other 9500gt.

    What do u think guys?
  14. yes.and yes its an Ati problem. i ran it fine with my old Nvidia card and now with my Ati's im getting the crash. if you read the link i posted all you need to do is run in DX9. enjoy
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