Good games to put on a thumb drive?

Thumb drives are awesome for gaming at work, school, a friends place, wherever you are that you can be at someone elses computer and will have some time to kill.

It's also a good idea to put other apps on your thumb drive like maintenance and troubleshooting software, a browser, editors, etc.... But that's for another thread. ( is a good place to start )

Criteria that makes a good thumb drive game:
- Low file size
- Easy minimum requirements
- Does not leave a registry footprint (should be noted some games can play without needing anything in the registry but will still try to write things to the registry when you plat it)
- Can run in a restricted environment (ex: can't play online if you're at work and there are tight network restrictions)
- Fun

There are three categories really, emu games, light/casual games, and (for lack of a better term) normal games. By light games I mean things like flash games, most indie games, stuff like that.

These are the ones I'm planning to use.

Emu games:
- Too many to list individually, anything from the N64/GBA eras or earlier should work great. Nice and small and never any footprints. Handheld games in particular will work best with keyboard controls and are good for if you just want to play for a few minutes at a time. Be wary of games that won't work well without a joystick/controller.

Light games:
- World of Goo
- Audiosurf (don't forget to have some mp3s available to use)
- Grid Wars 2 (geometry wars clone)
- Flash mario clones
- Flash sonic clones
- Flash portal clones

Normal games:
- Halo PC
- Starcraft
- Warcraft 3
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  1. Plants vs Zombies!!! I would consider that a light game, I suppose. Fun as hell!
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