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Got a Fujitsu 3400 Stylistic, p3/400 w 128MB ram. Ever bite off more than you can chew? The HD now has (or maybe aready had) partition problems, Partition Magic says that partitions were made with both 240 and 255 heads and NOT to use PM or the OS to fix the problem?!? Here is how we got to that point:

The thing is getting up there in age and has multiple errors on bootup and will not shutdown but instead allways reboots itself. I figure it is time for a software reload, but how? The tablet has a pen/touchscreen and wireless keyboard and the keyboard is not working (yet). The thing is pretty cool but it is made as a true portable so it has no removable media drives.

Connectivity is not the machine's strong point. It has a single USB 1.1 port, a PCMCIA port, an IR port, and a modem which may also be a network card but only has 2 wires, one of which is bent. It lacks PS2, USB 2, Printer, Serial, Firewire, and of course lacks CD, DVD, and floppy drives.

I no longer have a PCMCIA hard drive (stolen) so getting info on the lil bugger was to be quite a challenge. I took the HD out of the 3400 and put it in my home system and copied drivers for a Lexar jump drive and put the HD back in the 3400. Using the Jump drive I copied drivers for a USB HD/CDR enclosure. Using the Bytecc enclosure I installed Partition Magic and Drive Image. The plan was to partition the drive and make a backup on the extended partition and then attempt a format/reload of the "C" drive.

At this point we realize that we need a keyboard for "dossing" around. I fix the keyboard and test it to make sure that it will work without windows drivers in dos and it does work fine in dos. The pen/touch screen does not work in dos and I can't figure out how to select a backup partition in Drive Image without a pointing device.

At this point the 3400 works after clicking several error messages at startup and it still does not shut down correctly. It is partitioned and all the cabs and drivers have been backed up to the second partition.

Since I can't get DI to work without a pointer the 3400 HD goes back in the home system and the home system is booted with a 98 floppy and DI is run. DI has several error mesages about the start of partitions but I ignore those and make a backup anyway. [/edit]

OK start paying attention. The errors prompt me to do an FDISK instead of a FORMAT. I attempt to blow away all the existing partitions and then repartition the drive with fresh partitions. This does not work (always worked before) but it is not clear yet that it has not worked. I format the "C" partition but cannot find the extended partition. Dos will not see the extended partition and you can't format something you can't see. FDISK told me it had made a logical drive and assigned a letter but this was not true. Running FDISK a second time showed no logical drive?? I decide to see what the OS sees and boot to windows and everything looks fine on the desktop so I put the drive in the tablet and it does not boot. I put it back in the desktop, booting from floppy and try to set "active" partition in FDISK but FDISK will only make drive 1 active and the 3400 drive is drive 3. I put the 3400 drive in the channel 1 master 0 spot so it will be drive one and boot from floppy. FDISK will not run at all! Yikes! FDISK will run with the 3400 drive as drive 3 but not as drive 1?? I leave the 3400 in the primary master (drive 1) slot and do an FDISK /MBR. This does basically nothing. FDISK will not see the drive.

This is when I take the drive out of the old system and put it in my new XP system and run a new version of PM on the 3400 drive. PM comes up with an partition error and suggests that the drive was partitioned using both 240 and 255 heads? Partition Magic further says NOT to use PM on the drive. PM says the existing partitions need to be removed but not with PM or the OS software. How then?

I do not need any data off the drive, it just needs to work. Can you help?

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  1. I would, but it would be sooo complicated and take soooo much time...

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    OK start paying attention

    ...and you want us to help you?

    OK start paying attention, drop your attidude

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  4. whoops! Looks like I only copied the second half of a very long post. I figured everyone would be asleep by the time they got to the good part. Sorry for the missunderstanding.

    BTW it is fixed and none of you have yourselves to thank.

    I'll edit the post to the way it should have been in case anyone is curious, it shouldn't have been offensive.

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