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Hi all,

I thought I'd throw this one out there in case I get lucky. :)

StarCraft 2 has a "Play as Guest" mode that allows you to play the single player campaign off-line , just without the achievements. It was working perfectly right up to the point where patch 1.03 rolled out, and now it's broken. An error message pops up saying that to play off-line, the game client needs to be authenticated (which I did) and that I need a profile (which I have). :fou:

The funny thing is that 1.03 was supposed to FIX off-line play for a number of users. I was one of the poor sods for whom the opposite is true...

There are quite a number of threads on the official Blizzard forums about the problem, but answers are not very forthcoming. Has anyone else encountered this?
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  1. Yes, it happened to me right after Patch 1.03 :fou:
    That sucks cause my siblings play SC2 but I don't trust them enough to tell them my password :lol:
    If you find a solution post it immediately!!
  2. The latest word (allegedly) is that this has been confirmed as a known bug and will be fixed in path 1.1.0, to be released sometime in September.
  3. Well, More waiting :lol:
    I got used to it :lol:
  4. New Patch!
    Fixed it for me!
  5. no, It didnt
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