Display Problem in games and videos.Pls help!!!!!

Hello all ,
It's been a month since this problem started and it started when i was playing MW 2 and since than it didnt go away....i tried reinstalling the game....reinstalling the windows...i even formated my entire HDD and this anoyng problem is still i taught it might be related to the vid card....and i sent the vid card to service but they sent it back afther a week and sayed that they tested it for 2 days and the vid card is ok!....Superstrange thing is that the guy who sold me the PC gave me a "backup" vid card while mine was at the service and that one worked normal in all games ( a GT 220 ) , but afther 1 day i fried the card....idk how but it happened.Now i have no ideea wtf else can cause this problem....cpu?....mobo?!?!.....So i sayed maybe someone around here might be able to help me......any taughts / ideeas / help would be apreciated....please help me!

-sorry for my english :D ;
-1'st time i post here so excuse me if i broke any rules :(
-Everest temps/voltages
-this problem doesnt appear all the time..ex: in low-end games or in SD videos
-do not hesitate to ask me for more info if i missed sayed something
PC specs
-HIS ATI HD 4850 IceQ4 (stock)
-E8400 3.0 ghz (stock)
-2x2 GB Kingmax
-ASUS P5QL-SE mobo
-win 7 32 bit
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