comp freeze/boot problem

Ok this is easily the wierdest computer problem i've ever dealt with.

Backstory - originally put together a computer:

microatx mobo - msi RS480M2
amd 64 bit 3000+
1 gig corsair 3200
oower supply 270 (monarchcomputer hornet case size)

I then added my 120 gb hd, audigy 2, xfx geforce 6600 gt pci-e, 3.5 floppy, and dvd rw.

My original issue was with consistant freezing. My computer would freeze randomly even though temperatures were ok. it didn't matter if I just rebooted it and opened i-explorer or if i was playing something with heavy load, it would randomly freeze. I checked everything, dealt with tech support from msi and they said it was a faulty mobo. Soooo....I resent this one down from canada to U.S. to get a new one and waited 5 weeks for customs to give me the new one.

I set everything up once again at a buddies house and everything seemed fine. I did 3d mark 2001 se and everything was good.
I then brought it back to my place, hooked it up like normal. I set it up on a network to transfer files from my old computer (what i'm typing on right now) to my new one. When i started to highlight some things in the shared area, my computer froze like it did with the old motherboard.

Ok, so I was running out of ideas. I did the usual clearing of the cmos, and nothing. I figured maybe my mobo was overloaded from using the ethernet built into it so i installed a nic. My floppy wasn't reading for some reason (which i needed for nic drivers) so I went into bios to see why. I couldn't understand why it wasn't working, so i simply hit load fail-safe defaults. I then rebooted.

Since that reboot - immediately after i loaded the fail-safe defaults, nothing happens; as in, every fan and light works but I get no visual whatsoever, not even bios. So much for fail-safe. I tried clearing the cmos, unplugging the drives, using onboard video, and no result. I've never been so confused before.

Please help, i beg
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  1. Quote:
    oower supply 270 (monarchcomputer hornet case size)

    I hope that you dont try to run that setup with a 270W PSU...

    I would at least get a good quality 400w PSU. not an elcheapo one.

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  2. every forum i've posted in has said same thing - but the company that provided the barebones ( sells much more intensive computers with same power supply with no problems. so i'm guessing its not that ?

    its a hornet case....biggest you can get in here is 350.
  3. Well, I dont built computer based on A64 PSU with less than 400W, and with a good branded mark. I once try a cheap 450W in an A64 system, a basic one with one HDD, and an ATI AIW9600XT and the system refused to start.. Put a good branded one with 350W of power and the system did startup and run good.

    You can do whatever you want, if you think your PSU is good. I dont care. But even if it is not the problem, running a cheap PSU may cause other components to fail and cause instability when thing get loaded..

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