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I have a quick question regarding memory configuration settings. I'm not entirely good at determining what's best for my system in this area and, unfortunately, had an error develop during which I was forced to reset my BIOS to its default settings. As such, I'm not sure what I should reset my memory configurations to. I'm running the following system:

Socket 939 AMD FX-53 processor

1 Gig, 2 sticks of 512MB Kingstone Value DDR400 RAM - KVR400X64C3

Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard with 1009 drivers installed.

I would appreciate help with tips on how to reset the Memclock through 2T Command memory configuration settings, since they're all on AUTO at the moment.

Also, I'm running a GeForce 6800 Ultra 256MB card and was wondering if setting my AGP Aperture setting to 256MB was correct?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Look at what timings auto gives you, then try lowering them 1 item, and 1 notch at a time.
    You are loosing about 5 to 7% perf because you are using only a single stick of ram. Try to get another stick like the first for dual channel.
    You only have 512 ram, so allowing graphics to use 1/2 will slow you down.
    Make sure you increase your v-dimm by 1/10th of a volt over auto.
  2. Quote:
    1 Gig, 2 sticks of 512MB Kingstone Value DDR400 RAM - KVR400X64C3

    Looks like he does have 2 sticks so he won't lose the dual channel performance.

    SciFi: Check your mobo manual for recommended slot to have the RAM inserted. You can use <A HREF="" target="_new">CPU-Z</A> to make sure your memory is running in dual channel.

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