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World of warcraft questions

Hey! I recently got bribed by a friend to try a WOW trial. I loved it. Anyways, I plan on buying the game now. My question is this: being as I have the money, should I buy the game plus all the expansions (plus Catalysm as soon as it comes out), or should I just buy classic, play for a while, buy burning crusade, play for a while, etc.? I have no issue buying all the expansions right away, but I want to know if there is any point in doing that.

Secondly, how well will WOW run on my laptop? My specs are:

AMD M880G ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200

AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 2.1 GHZ


15"6 Diagonal High Definition BrightView Widescreen display


Thanks for all your help!
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    First of all, I doubt your computer has 320 GB of ram(most likely a typo on your part there), but it would probably run WoW pretty well. The only thing about gaming laptops is that they do not have access to adequite cooling solutions, i have personally seen my roomate go through 4 alienware laptops in the past two years (no joke!).

    That being said, on to your WoW questions!
    I would reccommend buying just the vanilla pack at first to see if you really really want to make the time investment for the rest of the game. Also, I would reccomend highly that you and your buddy try out the recruit-a-friend feature and level toons together, not only is it more fun to play with someone you know, you level to 60 about 300%-400% faster!

    Hope that helped!
  2. Thanks for the help! And yes, it was a typo, sorry about that :).

    I think for cooling, I should be fine. I use a cooling stand, and I have been able to run Medal of Honor Airborne (the newest one) on medium settings without ever overheating or having any problems. Sometimes it is slow, but usually fine.

    Not sure what the recruit-a-friend feature is, I'll look that up.

    Thanks again! I think what I'll do is just buy the expansions one at a time (after I get the game of course) and play until I get bored, buy the next, etc.
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