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Low Fps in Bad Company 2

I have had Bac Company 2 for awhile now and I just replaced my 9800 GT with a GTX 460 1 GB Superclocked EE. Before, the game ran about 40fps on low - medium low. Now I play and it hasn't improved. It might actually have gotten worse. I know it is not the graphics card because
1. This is the 2ns one i have had. First came DOA. chances of another would be low
2. I can run Just Cause 2 on max and any other game. just not BFBC2.

on CANYOURUNIT, it says i exceed recommended for the game.
My gaming rig is here

Any solutions? And yes, i have the latest drivers
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  1. whats your CPU clock and resolution?
  2. 2.50 Ghz and 1920x1080
  3. did you wipe out the old drivers prior to installing the new card?
  4. yes. Driver Sweeper
  5. I should be getting higher right?
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    yes, but first make sure you have all your settings turned down including HBAO and change the audio to "home cinema". Re-test and let us know the outcome.
  7. why must i change the audio to home cinema? I have it on war tapes b/c i have a creative x-fi titanium sound card
  8. thanks. It help a lot. i was on war tapes. i can run it on high now
  9. I'm glad it worked out =)
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