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Hi all. I am new to this forum. I heard from a friend that it is good with solving problems. So i've got the problem. Video in games are just running really sloooooowly but the game is working without any problems. That is happening to me when i installed Windows 7. I had Windows XP and the games are runned just fine, and the videos of course. I don't know what to do. My computer isn't very good for gaming. But at least i can play some games on low. This problems are happening in every game.
My specs:
AMD Semprom 2400+ 1.67 GHz
1,5 GB RAM
Saphire ATi HD3450 512MB
And i have the latest drivers.
Can you please help me??? :cry:
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  1. your cpu should be donated to a local museum. jk
  2. I know man. I know. But is there any solution for that problem????
  3. your pc is to slow really to run games on win7,,it takes alot more sytem memory/cpu usage running in the background. i would go back to win xp. i still use win xp as it is less problematic and less of a system hog.
  4. Well i'm back to the good old XP. Now the games are going without any problems. Thanks for the help. :D
  5. The biggest problem is that you need more memory:

    win 7 minimum is 1 go ram min but, 2 go or more would rum much better.

    That's why games run slow
    (again depends waht game you play.)

    stay with xp for games
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