Top 10 racing games with great graphics

hi any racing game with mind blowing graphics card except nfs serious
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  1. The fairly recent ones are Dirt and Grid. Though these are more for the simulation crowd than the arcade ones (NFS series).
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  3. dirt 2 has some great graphics. although you said no nfs, you should check out nfs shift, it has some amazing graphics and leans more towards simulation then arcade (unlike most other nfs games)
  4. I didn't find GRID at all like a simulation, I found it very arcade-y.

    Haven't played DIRT2, although heard the graphics are very good.
  5. Dirt2 and Grid are both very good and very different. Codemasters make great racing games also look out for Formula 1 released later this month
  6. Dirt 2 has amazing graphics in my opinion.
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