ASUS OEM win764bit cd

can I buy an OEM win7cd from asus for a p5q pro turbo ?
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    usually OEM OS CD's are for previous installs in a system(computer produced by the Mfg with certain H/W) not for the MB
  2. Thanks Makes sense but it would be a good marketing campaign to have an ASUS MSI or GIGABYTE OEM operating system installation CD that is sold with or separate with Boxed motherboards be cool to have the MOBO manufacturer logo in the System link in control panel like Dell or HP does or to have a downloadable service pack with up to date drivers from the motherboard manufacturers to do this as well thanks.
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  4. thanks for the vote, M/B mfg's would never do that, way too much money(out of pocket expense), plus what would they do if the M/B had to be RMA'd
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