Motherboard connectivity comparison ?

Everytime I shop around for motherboards, which are still the backbone of any system, I can't seem to find any complete comparisons.

One thing that I find extremely crucial is connectivity, I love to expand and add stuff to my computer, and I generally look for that type of information to be listed, but it seldomly is. Either on the manufacturer's site, or on review sites like this one. The number of USB ports, etc. For example, a good motherboard for me would have at least 8 external USB connections, 2 internal. 2x Gbit Lan, wLan, As many as possible SATA connectors, 1-Firewire, 1 PCIe 16x and 6 other slots, whether they be PCIe or PCI. Sound is irrelevant, I usually install a soundblaster card.

At the same time I remain interested in the information on the performances of the Motherboard on certain benchmarks etc.

Is there any type of site that provides all the information that I require ? I'm not partial to either AMD or Intel. Used to always go with Intel, but leaning more toward AMD lately.

Any help much appreciated. I find it very hard to shop around if I don't have all the necessary information to compare.
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  1. THG usually lists all of the specs you like to see in their MB reviews.

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  2. You can do 2 things:
    1) Read the reviews. A lot of people lists all the features that they like and were not included in the description.

    2) Download the manual for the mobos you're considering. I know this is a pain but sometimes it let's you know about features you were not looking for but that could be the decisive factor in your buy if they all have similar basic specs.
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