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Will my programs work with 64 bit o/s upgrade?

i currently have windows xp home 32 bit and i am thinking of upgrading to windows 7 home premium 64 bit.will dvd fab,img burn, and normal web sites still be compatible?i have heard alot of stories of programs being incompatible.
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  1. Normal websites are compatible. Since no one has replied about your specific software, here's a link to the win 7 software compatibility page.
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    Windows 7 is great with compatibility. Re-download your freeware choosing 64-bit versions when possible. When there is not a 64bit version you can still install 32-bit programs, they will just only run in 32-bit, and will be kept in a separate x86 Program Files folder. Sometimes an installation for a program will not install correctly, but Windows 7 will recognize this immediately and prompt you to reinstall with recommended settings that will fix the problem. I have been running Win7 Pro x64 since the day it was released and all my programs have installed without any hassle.
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