Xbox360 controller, sucks for fighting games

Considering the total **** up of posting comments on tom's news articles, I am going to post my views here.

I believe The Xbox360 controller really is terrible for fighting games like street fighter.

The start button is far to close to the X Y buttons as well. I keep accidentally hitting them when I play fighting games.

The old game controllers like for the, SNES, saturn and even the playstation, are much better for fighting games.

I believe The Xbox360 controller is really designed for first person shooters, not fighting games.

Who on here agrees with me? Just want to hear you views on this issue. :)
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  1. So am I the only one who thinks the 360 controller is poor for fighting games?

    All probably to busy playing Gears of War or halo.

    Theres more to it than playing shooters all the time. It's about time microsoft made a decent controller, thats works better on all games.

    Shame I can't get my playstation controller to work with my xbox 360. That just sucks :)

    Edit. Found out you can get XCM - Cross Fire Converter that will let you use a playstation 3 controller.
    It's a bit to expensive i think but thats just what we need for fighting games.

    See vid here with street fighter

    Plus for you shooters.

    Still need something a bit cheaper.
  2. Well, I think that the xbox 360 controller sucks all together. Keyboard and mouse is always best.
  3. Well, they are fixing to come out with a new controller that has a transforming D-Pad that when twisted, turns into the Nintendo D-Pad, which is patented, which is why the normal 360 controller has that sucky one and the Playstation controller's is split into segments. The buttons do seem close, but I've never had a problem with them. I think it is an okay controller. As soon as Razer comes out with their Xbox 360 controller, I'll never need a mod again.
  4. There was an article here on Tom's that showed a new controller that is coming out with some fighting game, possible Street Fight, that has a more raised d-pad to address the issue.

    I do agree that in its current state it is the most useless d-pad I have ever tried to use.
  5. The original xbox controller is 10x better than the 360 controller if used on a PC, (it has to be converted to a USB Device first)
    But the analog controls are so much more responsive.

    It's a pity its so hard to get the original xbox controller working properly on Vista & windows 7, but when you do its excellent.

    I found a signed vista & windows 7 driver 32x & 64x that works perfectly with the controller but although it is made by Microsoft these two platforms will not recognize the actual device as being valid hardware until you get the driver installed (maybe its because it has been converted to USB). But then there are no problems once you do because they are signed drivers.

    These are not the dodgy xbcd drivers that have been doing the rounds where you need to change & swap files in your system32 folder,, and that don't work anyway. You just install these without any warnings or errors & that's it your done.

    You still need to use the "Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider" ONCE, but it is not for the drivers because they install effortlessly without using it . But unless you use DSEO Vista & 7 won't let you install the controller.

    If anyone want's the instructions etc let me know & I will post a "tutorial" and a link to where you can download the signed drivers.

    (To convert the original xbox controller to USB you just cut the end off and match all the wires to a standard USB plug (they are the same color code) there is just one extra yellow wire from the xbox controller that you don't need or use.) If you want to keep the controller for old time xbox game play as well then just strip a section of the cord & patch into the wires & keep the original plug connected too,,but just don't touch the yellow wire..
  6. p75 said:
    I believe The Xbox360 controller really is terrible for fighting games like street fighter.

    I agree. I can bust out moves with the D-Pad but it gets kinda painful.
  7. Its called Adapt. The Xbox 360 controller is great for all games. Just learn how to use it correctly instead of complaining.
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