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Hi, what games would you recommend as must-have games for the psp because ive just ordered one. Im open to any genre.
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  1. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
    Little Big Planet
    Gran Turismo
    God of War
    F1 2009
    Patapon 2
    Wipeout Pure
    Resistance Retribution
    GTA: Chinatown Wars
    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
    Puzzle Quest
    to name a few :P
  2. Resistance retribution

    Killzone liberation

    Valkyre profile 2


  3. If you're an RPG fan, then the Lunar remake (despite being downright EASY) and teh two Star Ocean games are must haves.
  4. maybe assassins creed ???
  5. assassins creed is meh

    gta vice city stories

    syphon filter logans shadow (old game but lotsa ppl still get online)

    kingdom hearts birth by sleep

    monster hunter freedom unite (for veeeerrryyy long car trips, will kill hours of time without being boring, but big learning curve)

    and what ppl above said

    xept daxter was kinda short and had no lasting appeal, same with wipeout
  6. Peace walker is amazing! and also god of war :)
  7. 1) God of War (a must buy)
    2) Virtua Tennis 3 (highly entertaining)
    3) LittleBigPlanet (a platformer)
    4) Exit (under-rated entertainer)
    5) NHL 2007 (rare and great find)
    6) Gran Turismo (racing nirvana)
    7) Wipeout Pure (fast paced fun)
    8) Burnout series (destruction racing)
    9) Patapon series (LOL)
    10) Syphone Filter (FPS action)
    11) FIFA 2011 (soccer at its best on handheld)
  8. The best Open World portable platform... psp rocks

    If you like freedom me. - GUN: SHOWDOWN.

    Explore a big open adventure on horseback blowing the crap out of Indians.

    Also the Grand Theft Auto Stories are great.. lack luster stories but gorgeous worlds and killer sound tracks.

    good purchase on the psp
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