Hard crash with sound looop

This is so frustrating because my computer should be able to play games no problem, yet it always crashes during games. Theirs always kind of a warning before it crashes, the sound will get choppy and the fps will drop and then boom it locks up with the last sound played getting looped, forcing me to turn off manually. I just recently took it in to get stress tested and everything came back fine so i have no idea what is causing it to crash. The same kind of crash happens in every game i play(anywhere from 15mins-2hrs gameplay), and only in games.I'm not a pro with computers so any help would be great.

i7 920 2.67ghz 12Gb ram
Nvidia gtx 260
Asus p6t mobo
Creative SB X-fi
Vista 64
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  1. remove the sound card physically and run your onboard sound. if that doesn't help. remove half of the RAM. if it seems better after that but still crashing, you need to check each memory stick individually, then build back up in pairs mixing and matching until you find it fails and the last stick you put in should be the faulty one, but you have to add one at a time otherwise its too confusing. also reseat the cpu and videocard while your at it and check for heat, carefully touch a bare metal part of the case and then put one finger gently on different components. if its too hot to keep your finger on something with light pressure, its hotter than it should be. if thats too overwhelming dont worry its fairly straight forward work, you'll be fine.
  2. Once i remove the sound card how do i run the onboard sound?
  3. It may already be running, so once you remove the SB, it may switch to the onboard soundcard as default sound device, but if not, you'll need to go into the BIOS when the machine boots up and check its enabled

    tapping Delete key when machine is booting should get you into BIOS. It should be in a section called Integrated Peripherals or Devices or something like that. If you go through every option you should eventually find it. The onboard sound device may be called "AC97" or "Onboard Sound" or "HD Audio" not sure, it can have a different name in each motherboard. Enable that, hit F10, save and boot up. Windows7 should find and install it and set it as the default sound device. Otherwise you may need to run the motherboard drivers CD which you should have somewhere (motherboard box).
  4. I've seen this before, but mostly on nforce motherboards...

    From what I can figure, its probably a low level RAM problem, which eventually leads to a hard lock of the PC. I myself spent months (and several hundred dollars) digging into the issue on my 790i. My only reccomendation is to try slightly more relaxed memory timings, and upping the memory/CPU/northbridge voltage up a few notches.

    Using the above steps (Plus a 1:1 FSB/RAM ratio, which your socket doesn't need to do due to a lack of a FSB), I've gone from 1 crash every 30 minutes, to maybe 1 crash every 2 months or so. Its something VERY low level; thats all I've been able to figure out...
  5. Thanks for the info. I pretty much narrowed it down to power or memory, everything like heat and sound is normal.Could it be my 520w psu is not enough power?
  6. Its possible to be a PSU issue, but your PC is FAR more likely to simply shut off/restart in that case.
  7. Dram Frequency 534.5MHz
    FSB DRAM 2:8
    CL 8.0
    tRCD 8
    tRP 8
    tRAS 20
    tRFC 59
    CR 2T

    This was from Memory in CPU-Z
    Is this normal?
  8. Looks normal (keeping in mind, memory is NOT my area of expertiese). I'm assuming the 2:8 FSB:DRAM ratio is due to the way i7's access RAM...

    Try loosening timings a bit (9,9,9,21 should be enough for testing purposes) and applying a little bit more volatage (within safe limits, of course). Aside from that, you can try getting RAM modules that are specifically listed as "supported" by your mobo (even though thats probably not an issue, if you need to RMA the board, they'll probably want you to do this first anyways...)
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