Vista 32-bit or Win 7

Vista ultimate 32bit or 7 ultimate 32bit ? . Memory limits are not realy an isue for me at the momment. Please help a.s.a.p and thanks.
The problem is that not all my games are supported by 64bit OS's.
My Thread seems to be in the wrong place but since games and operating systems are cuasing the issue... I posted it here plus I'm new to Tom's Hardware Forums
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  1. I skipped Vista and went straight for 7, never regretted it.
    I have ultimate
  2. Thanks jgiron.

    I would really appreciate some more suggestion. mainly trying to figure out wich one will be the best option. (for games).
  3. yea i have 2 hard drives 1 for xp and 1 running win 7, forget vista
  4. what doesn't run in win7 64?
  5. thre is nothing ultimate in vista go for windows 7
  6. Of course Windows 7 is the best but it is $100. Not sure about the price on xp/vista but if your willing to spend a hundred...
  7. Ask a serious question next time.
  8. daship said:
    Ask a serious question next time.

    Hope that wasnt to me
  9. @daship
    Ask a serious question next time...
    I will and thanks to everyone else for your input.
    I have Win7 64bit and 32bit. I will install 32bit and see if it works.
    Battlefield BC2 and MW2 (on XP 32bit no problems but on Win 7 64bit the games hang and I have to ctrl+alt+del end process).
  10. There is nothing wrong with Windows Vista, like everyone here is hinting it. You just need good computer to run it.
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