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With reference to cheating in online games:

Perhaps some folks should look at this excellent site that is attempting to overcome the doomed situation:

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  1. Does it involve a way to virtually kick someone in the balls for cheating? -damn =(

    oh well i'll have a look anyways =).
  2. I mean cmon now , if you're gonna do an article including cheat police atleast write about who and why they started such a site. has pushed the envelope and made these lacky type sites spring out all over the net to try to stop cheating but in the end there is no stopping exploits in online gaming. Bottom line if you can't spot the sucker in the first 5 minutes of play you are the sucker prepare to be taken for a ride.

    If you can't deal with it go back to console gaming or online console gaming because online multiplayer gaming is for the extreme gamer people who don't suck who have become bored with the game download hacks and now you're not only facing 1 of the best players in the game you are facing someone who is 1 of the best who is cheating cause the game has become so boring. EA for example has zero support for MOH as you can see they are pulling the plug on MCO lack of support. These games are falling 1 by 1 because the software company chooses to leave the consumer at the mercy of online exploits.

    In the end sooner or later you will run into a person who just killed ya in a game then you see OWNED YOU welcome to the HALL. You just became a victim of online gaming.
  3. They forgot to mention the most devastating hack in the Starcraft realm... The one that REALLY gives the person an advantage. Lights hacks!

    Its common in "use map settings" matches on starcraft to have a trigger that "turns your lights off" and allows you to stack multiple buildings ontop of eachother, so someone decided to make a hack that does the same thing. So a protoss player can put 150 cannons on one square, and cream anyone who comes close to that area. or a zerg player can put 40 hatcheries in one spot, thus having 120 larva in a nice small area, compacting their normaly huge bases...

    Those are the hacks that are really a problem, people who use maphacks usualy lag out before they can really do anything, or turn them off after they know what their opponents are going to attack with.

    The top of the Starcraft ladder has long been ruled by hackers and bug abusers (DT floating being the biggie) I think its funny that this has suddenly become such an issue after so long.
  4. What they should do is if you are caught cheating, your cdkey is disabled from online play.

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  5. I don't think people cheat because they're so good at a game they get bored. If you always win without any effort it's going to get more boring, not more interesting.

    And those of you who don't think it's a problem need to try playing Command and Conquer Renegade against someone with a hacked shotgun or Tiberium auto rifle. Those completely debalance the game.

    Luckily Renegade has a small enough community that we don't have to deal with many cheaters.
  6. I can say nothing is worse than cs cheating since you are able to fire on your enemy through walls. I'm talking about veteran gamers , the game gets boring, so if a couple losers download cheats a good player can spot it immediately.

    You cheat yourself if you knowingly keep going against cheaters unprepared. If everyone is "CHEATING" using the same program It's not considered cheating anymore it is a universal upgrade =) to level the playing field. In the end if you want fair play you will more than likely have to pay monthly for it. I played mco for about 8 months and it was hack free alot of fun but again there is another problem lol people face the REALITY they do indeed suck and then end up quitting anyway.

    Then they go and put themselves through the abuse of public online gaming which they continuously keep coming back for more punishment since they already invested in the game. Planetside looks decent but again it will only last as long as it takes for all the newbies without gaming skill to realize "WOW I DO SUCK" no need to scream cheats just stop paying then sony will just discontinue the game. Online gaming would be something if it had another MPLAYER not g4yspy gspy is so pathetic.

    Some of the best gaming I had on Mplayer and HEAT you would think NVIDIA would like to target their main consumers and start a gaming site which moderates their servers matching what's on the server system with client systems , that would be something. Ok I'm done rambling LOVES ALL.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by TEAMGOD on 05/19/03 01:54 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  7. At home I play a MMORPG, so a little different from the FPS cheaters but never the less still as annoying and as ruining of the game.

    Cheating scummers ruin the game but breaking the rules same as they do for FPSers, they think it’s cool or the only way to play. I am surprised Tom’s didn’t get told STFU N00B when asked for reasons for cheating as that seems the most common response.

    To be honest, quit bitching about these cheaters, you can’t beat them, they aren’t going to go away, your only choice is to NOT play the games or to join the cheaters.
  8. "To be honest, quit bitching about these cheaters, you can’t beat them, they aren’t going to go away, your only choice is to NOT play the games or to join the cheaters."

    That's my opinion in a nutshell. Cheaters suck ass, but nobody can do anything about them, bitching about it will only serve as a source of laughter for the cheater

    It's all good ^_^
  9. So what you saying is that everyone should start cheating?
    And i dont think people are going to stop playing a game
    because of cheaters, If someone is cheating leave and find another server, and yes i know that would be hard if the game your playing is a MMORPG or something. sooner or later cheaters will be caught.
  10. That's one of the reasons I have a strong preference for MMO games actually. Cheating is usually policed pretty heavily, and exploits are generally patched out as quickly as they're found.
  11. ahh the incesent cheating threads, and their awesome power to grow in length.

    Ya I feel so left out...

    *insert rant that everyone's seen a billion times and does not need to read anymore*

    there, now i feel better! =)
  12. After reading the article I feel that the author left a very important part out. There are some questions to clans like JAPS and Myg0t however the author forgot to post about the largest cheating community on the internet: MPC. The people at MPC don't support "raging" and actually most say that cheating should be done on specific servers made just for cheaters, so that cheating is more of an addon then an actual advantage. The people at MPC tend to act friendly and the forum has become more of a technical support forum for anyone with any computer problems, it is nolonger cheats only, unlike some other cheating forums that hate anti-cheaters, MPC respects the opinions of anti-cheaters as long as they do not flame others themselves.

    I would like to suggest that before writing such articles the author read up on the subject a bit more and go to site that don't have with such "hardcore" cheaters that tend to shoot through walls etc. but actually have cheaters that play on special servers just because they preffer a different kind of challenge.
  13. for the record, I don't cheat in any online games

    thought I'd clear that up real quick, just in case

    It's all good ^_^
  14. I cheat in Diablo 2 if it's a cheater's game, drop-mods and such. If it isn't I don't. I have never PK'ed when I had an unfair advantage, and when somebody does it to me it pisses me off. Damn kids.

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  15. forgot to mention this before..... i find it very annoying that groups such as myg0t who are a discrase to any affiliation get mentioned and other sites such as MPC don't, at the same time I find it strange that the article didn't mention some of the most famous cheat creators such as XQZ2 creator of XQZ2, system, bunny, and the other creators of OGC, etc. those people didn't hack to piss people off.
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