need help on frequent lost connection..

dont know if this make sense. I just got a Lian-Li case
and moved my components from my old pc to the new case.
BUT, after i do so...things got all messed up..
I happened to broke my network card or something, so
the network card is not solve the problem.
I reformated my HD and reinstalled winXP. Now, the silly
Dlink network card is still not working and give me the
same error(code 10)as before my reinstall. So, I figured
I broke the network card, and got me a Linksys network
card from BestBuy. It is working alright, there is just
one small problem...I lose connection for 1sec every now
and then(like every 5-10 min), is there anybody that can
tell me what might be going on or how to fix it? thanks....

my system: XP1900+, abit KG7Raid(i think), 512 DDR,
Hercules8500,SB audigy, Enermax PSU 350W,
1 dvd drive, 1 CDRW drive
LeadTech winfastTVxp

Korea....good sport?
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  1. how is it you lose conection?

    how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
  2. you know when in windows you have a status bar,
    that the bottom right corner, you know, when a new hardware
    detected, windows update ready, etc...
    it shows warning Local Area Network lost connection.
    BUT, only for 1- sec, and its functioning agian beautifully....
    really not that big of a deal, but kind of piss me off
    when playing CS or WC3 online it just give me lag spike
    every now and then(you know how it feels when your screen
    freez for a sec and you're already dead or hero has been killed,
    believe is annoying as hell)

    Korea....good sport?
  3. did you try a different cable?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  4. do the lights on the hub/switch reset?

    how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
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