USB devices not working!

Hey all,
I'm running win 7 64bit on a P6X58D premium mobo

I just build the computer and had a brand new SSD that i loaded windows onto. now none of my USB stuff will work
none of them work, but when I plug them in windows detects them and just goes right away and says that they dont work (usb device not recognized)

I've tried updating windows, disabling usb in the bios, turning off and unplugging and waiting a few minutes, installing all the drivers I can find for usb, nothing seems to work.

Please let me know if anyone knows whats going on and how I can fix it! thanks!!!!
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  1. Did you load all of the mobo drivers?
  2. yea i loaded everything
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    Which USB devices are you referring to?

    Start-->control panel-->system-->device manager-->expand the universal serial bus controllers-->right click and uninstall all of the usb root hubs-->restart-->they will reinstall on restart, and look for new hardware.
  4. You can also try re-installing the chipset if none of the above options work. This will reset-update the USB controllers as well. Aford's method does the same thing as well.
  5. I've done all of that as well:( I've re installed the chipset, re installed windows, uninstalled everything... other people seem to have had the same issue but nothing is working so far:(
  6. What usb devices?

    Drivers are required for the computer to recognize the device. If you're talking about a mouse or keyboard or something that windows has a default driver for, they work fine. But if it's a network adapter, or something that windows doesn't have the driver for, you'll need to install it.
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