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Hi everyone, First post on this site.

I am looking to upgrade my motherboard. I currently have a mutt homebrew mixed up system ( it's ok to laugh, really) consisting of the followng
Mid tower ATX case with 500w power supply (will take full atx mobo and PS upgrade is no problem if needed)
Intel 845grg motherboard with onboard video,sound, lan
celeron 2.2 ghz processer
760 mb ddr400 ram (1x512, 1x256)
Adaptec 39160 ultra scsi adapter
2 IBM DDYS-T36950N 40gb scsi drives
1 120 gb wd ide hdd
1 40 gb maxtor ide hdd
samsung ide dvd/cdrw
NEC ide dvd-rw
I run windows xp pro and play with various linux distros in a multi boot environment.

I recently helped a friend upgrade his system, In return I got his old graphic card, a Radeon 9600 4/8x agp /128 ddr (he went to PCI express).

I have a spare 2ghz celeron processor and would like to use my current mobo to upgrade my wife's computer.

I am looking to select a motherboard that will support my current processer since I don't have enough cash to upgrade both right now. I am looking for the maximum performance and upgrade potential for the future for a p4 processer, memory, etc (SATA, raid and ddr2 support would be nice,but not required)
I always try to buy items with future upgrades in mind (thus the ddr400 memory and scsi stuff)

I have about $100 to spend,cheaper would be great. I'm a family guy with kids and a small budget. I try to do the most I can with what I have.The system is going to be used for gaming as well as a media pc server. I would appreciate any input as to a motherboard choice.
I've read Tom's hardware site for years and drooled....I knew this was the place to come to ask for the best advice . Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Chris.
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  1. Abit IS7 (not the E or E2 economy versions) is great for $80-90. For around half that, you can probably find the Gigabyte 8ISXT-FS, which is an OEM board for Fujitsu Seimens that's been clearenced by several clearence houses. It's a full-feature board with the 865PE chipset, SATA support, dual channel support for RAM, etc. No overclocking features, but the price can't be beat.

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  2. I concur
  3. We'll let you get the Abit board, but you have to promise you will dump that celery soon, and find a P4c to use. Otherwise it would be like having a cadilac, with an old vw beetle motor.
  4. Thanks for the advice. That Abit board looks sweet, found one for $105 shipped on pricewatch from a 5 star vendor .After looking at it, I think I will go that route vs the other one and yep the celery is next on the chopping block.......heyyyy, my bithday and father's day is coming up.....sure would beat a tie...Thanks again!
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