Motherboard turning computer off?

Hi, in dire need of tech help or else I won't be able to continue gaming! :( But seriously I could do without games for a day or two :P

Computer has turned off abruptly 3 times now in the past 3 days. The power switch to the PSU has an LED that stays lit after this problem, and the mobo network led stays lit. Pressing the power switch on the front of the case doesn't do anything until I turn off the PSU by its switch, wait till the network light on the mobo goes out, turn the PSU back on, and then hit the case power switch the system will boot up. I can turn the PSU switch off and on after this problem without giving enough time for the mobo network led to go out, and the case power switch won't work. Mobo seems to need to be reset before will turn back on. (reason I am posting here first before PSU forum) There's no warning signs I can see before this happens, altho I think the first time it happend while playing guildwars the game froze for a little while before the comp crapped itself. Thought it mighta been electric company problem first cuz of heavy rain and wind, but its happend since without any bad weather. I have surge protectors and only run this computer by itself usually. (amongst one other on the same daisy chain of two surge protectors)

Specs: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
Winchester 3500+ (at stock speed, don't overclock anything in the system)
Leadtek A400 TDH GT (6800GT)
Fortron Source Bluestorm A500(?) 500W PSU, but I've seen review here that says it puts out 480 or so.
2 zalman case fans (with supplied resistor installed on each to lower RPM), Zalman 7000 CPU cooler.
2GB Kingston Hyper X
2 Maxtor 160GB PATA
Plextor DVD writer and Liteon CDROM

Graphics card is on its own lead from PSU. Fans are connecdted to mobo. Zalman CPU cooler has a pot to control power from motherboard for fan speed. I thought maybe the switch on the case is bad, but if so then would it cause the system to just shut down like someone pulled the plug? Wouldn't a faulty switch cause it to do what Windows states? (shutdown when hit power switch) Also thought CPU cooler might not be contacting CPU well nuff and CPU overheating, but the problem has happened many hours after system was running. And I've restarted system after warmed up to look in BIOS at system monitor and CPU is usually 110F or so. The voltages read within spec in the BIOS too. I will end this with 2 things: I was inside the case the other day - can't remember if it was before this problem started - with the system shutdown but the PSU still on and I pulled the power connector from the motherboard then noticed hi pitched but faint sound from the mobo I think. (capacitor?) The second is that if I look at voltages in MBM5 it says their all outta wack. Don't remember how much, but definitely out of the tolerance range. (1 volt or so off I think) I dismissed this because BIOS monitoring looked ok. Chaulked it up to MBM5 not having my mobo listed and therefore not being able to read it right. (I chose another MSI model it had listed)

o, and Gcard runs at 65C or so when playing games and idles at 60 according to nvidia control panel. ok... just thought of something else: I haven't installed the Leadtek monitoring tool - that can overclock card too - because I'm leary of graphics card manufacturers software. I read some revies of this card on Newegg that said this tool automatically clocked their cards at Ultra speeds, could my card be at Ultra setttings without the tool installed? (and maybe not getting nuff juice and therefore shutting comp down)

k, I think thats nuff questions :D

Thx for any help.

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  1. Quote:
    but the PSU still on and I pulled the power connector from the motherboard then noticed hi pitched but faint sound from the mobo I think.

    That's a no no. The sound was arcing between the connectors. Turn the power switch at the back of the psu off, wait till the count of ten, then unplug the connector again. Use a magnifying glass to look for discoloration, or burns on bothe parts. If it's on the mobo, try to clean it up. If it's on the psu, replace it. If you cant see any, rma the board, and replace the psu.
  2. Thx, did as you said and couldn't see any discoloration on either connector. I just remembered that a couple days after installing the Fortron I heard ticking or crackling from inside the case. I opened the case and it seemed to be coming from the upper part of the case. It happened a couple more times within days, and hasn't happened since. I'm the type that hopes things can fix themselves. :P Just wanted to reiterate that the comp wasn't booted up when I disconnected the power to motherboard. I know it prob doesn't make much difference. And to save any future credibility I might have, I don't normally do braindead things like this. I'll end up RMAing I'm sure, but gonna get some more opinions first. Nothing against you all here at Toms, just don't want any extended downtime for my gamer :(

    I think I need a backup gamer. Been waiting for the Chenbro SR10568-AL to get back in stock at newegg so I can utilize some older components for a third computer. Wouldn't ya know I procrastinated too long and it went outta stock on me, heh.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by kevmiester on 05/12/05 10:31 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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