I cant remember the name of a game

Hello I can't remember the name of a game but I still can remember some of the things from it ( I played it like 1 year ago and now I would like to play it again ). I will try to describe it , it's a robot game, 3D , online, you at the beginning you can choose a sword and shield or a uzi gun something like that. You can fly aswell, it's in space (kind of) and thats all I can remember =/ Im not really sure but I think there are 5 letters in the name of it. But im not sure..
I hope someone knows this game and will help me I will be very thankful for that! :)
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  1. Deus Ex sound familiar at all? X3, uhmm... Star Wars? :P
    I dono what to say to help.. sword, shield and/or an uzi... hmmm..
  2. let me help u too , can u discribe the Gameplay or anything else ?

    1. is the GAME old or NEW?
    2. what is the first LEVEL ( discribe it , for example what u do where u are ) ?
    3. Discribe Menu that u start the game , how is the Person selection ? i mean isnt it persons with Blue EYES & lines on theire face ? & black suite ?

    4. do u get Many dialogs in that game ?
    5. do u fight in earth ( as a some modified human ) ?
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