Notepad fails to clean text?

I am using windows 7 notepad (version 6.1) and know when you paste text into notepad from word etc, notepad is supposed to clean the text up. I find this does not work, as when I try to copy and paste from word to notepad and then from notepad to some forums, often the text is not displayed when I preview the forum post (despite appearing in the text field prior to preview / posting). I can only deduce that the text is not fully cleaned up, thus causing some problem? The same thing often happens when I make Ebay listings. The simplest way I have found to rectify this is to change the pasted font type / size in the Ebay text field box. I can then post ok. This problem of notepad not cleaning text up happens on both my laptop and desktop. I have even tried running tools such as CC cleaner to defiantly make sure the contents of my clipboard is fully erased; however I still get the same problem.

One way I have found to rectify this problem is to run an alternative text editor called crimson edit. I paste the text into the program, highlight the text and click append. I then select copy append and the text is perfectly cleaned up to paste anywhere. Interestingly this does not work if I just use the normal copy command in Crimson. I must use the append command. While this solves my problem I am still very puzzled as to why notepad does not clean up text properly? Does anyone have any ideas that I could try to get notepad to work properly.
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  1. I use Office, you can still D/L Open Office for free
  2. Quote:
    I use Office, you can still D/L Open Office for free

    what has that got to do with my question?
  3. spell checker, puncuation(sp)
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