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Call of Duty 1 and UO black screen on startup

Hello, I recently decided to play CoD 1 again. After I had started the game the menu screen did not show up, instead I get a black screen and nothing else, no buttons or sounds. I can only alt-ctrl-delete to find out it has stopped responding. This happens in both games and in sp and mp modes. I re-installed both games twice.

Are there any possible fixes?

The only thing I have updated is my drivers for my HD 4650.
The game recently worked last time I played it which was about 3 months ago


XP Prof. SP3
XFX HD4650 1GB
500W PSU
ASUS M4n78 Pro Mobo
AMD Phenom 9600 x4 @2.3GHz
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    Set your sound card's output to 16 bit 44100hz.
  2. How can I do this?
  3. Right click on sound icon - click playback devices - right click on speakers - click properties - go to advanced tab - check what the default settings are - then set your sound card's output to 16 bit 44100hz.

    this is just a troubleshooting step - if it doesnt work try setting the compatibility of the programs to xp or earlier - disable desktop composition - and run as administrator

    these suggestions might help as well
  4. I don't see anything about playback devices etc.

    I don't have a sound card, its built into the mobo.
    Its Via HD Audio

    Would it be something in control panel -> sounds and audio devices?

    Edit: I have already tried with compatibility
  5. Thats right - if you cannot access sound controls from the taskbar - go to the control panel - then hardware and sound - then click on sound and it will show your playback devices - then follow my previous instructions.
  6. I went through the entire sounds and audio devices and I still cant find an option or button to change the output to 16 bit. All I see is hardware acceleration and sample rate conversion quality. I tried moving the sliders down to see if it worked, but no luck. Your information is really helpful atm though. I just need to know where exactly to change the output to 16bit. I cant see anything about my sound card.
  7. This should help you get to the area where i mean "advanced tab" ignor what they put, because for compatibility purposes you want to try whats simplest - 16 bit 44
  8. Hmm, thanks.. but the video's PC has vista and I only have XP. So I don't see any of these options, I've gone in advanced mode, and there is nothing about changing the frequency or bit rate. I don't think there is nothing in sounds and audio devices that can help my problem. I really appreciate your help though.
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