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I am thinking of upgrading my current system. I have currently
1. AMD 3000+ Barton Core
2. MSI K7N2 Delta2 MB
3. 6800Gt video
4. 1 gig dual channel OCZ 3200 memory
5. Raid 0 SATA 10k RPM Raptor HDs.
Most of which I want to reuse.

I am thinking of just changing CPU and MB and going to
AMD 3500+ venice core
MSI K8N Neo2 M/B
this will allow me to use all my current items i want to keep stay within my budget of under $500. Dont want to overclock if at all possible (Been There done that). Any advice would be helpful
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  1. You could probably get a cheaper motherboard and upgrade the CPU to a 3700+ San Diego. Those EPoX Nf3 boards are pretty nice.

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  2. Have a look at socket 754 mobo and CPU. the 3400+ is a powerful CPU [2.4 GHz, 512 megs cache), and nforce3 motherboard for that CPU are plentyful and very fast. This could cost you about 300$ and will be the perfect match for your current component.

    The 3500+ venice core is only a 2.2GHz CPU. Ok, it is dual channel, but that doesnt really help other than on memory benchmark. It is way more expensive too. Not really a good value, if you dont want to overclock. I dont like MSI, other MB are way better value for stock system.

    The 3400+/6800GT will give you the power needed for maybe more than 2 years, and after that, upgrade the whole thing again with the latest and greatest..

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