Reviving a bad caps afflicted mobo..

I got my hand on an old Soltek sl-75drv5 motherboard. There is as much as 15 capacitor that either have bumped top or leak. I wrote to Soltek if they want to provide me new capacitor for replace the busted one. I know that they do it for newer 75frn and 75frn2 nforce3 motherboard, but the drv5 is old.

I will keep you informed about how long it takes to receive them (may be longer, as I think that there is some kind of holiday activities at Soltek headquarter in these time...)

The motherboard is still functionnal, but require several attemps to have it to POST and many more to have it load Windows.

I dont have any problems handling an iron to remove and install new one, I did some electronics works many years ago. But I could ask a friend to try it to see if a novice can do it. Well.. I'll have it practicing on a non functionnal motherboard, because I want to keep it functionnal..

I'll keep you informed about how this went

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  1. Yes, replacing caps is about the easiest solder job you can do on a PCB.

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  2. This is a great project to use a 'cold' solder gun.

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  3. Updated..

    Being a bit busy with my job, so I put that project on the side a bit, but, in the meantime, I got my hand on another Soltek that have bad caps. I finaly e-mailed Soltek to request capacitors for both. Ring, the guy from Soltek, replyed me one day later and ask me to take some picture of the mobos to make sure they'll send me all the one that I need.

    I'll do that this week, ASAP. If that works, I will try to revive an old Soyo I have, but I will have to find the capacitors somewhere..

    Well, I'll keep you updated ....

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  4. Yes.. well, this is what I've been told!

    I took the picture and will send them sometime this week. I have to upload them to my computer and I'm a bit lazy right now.

    I have a Soyo too that I will try to revive, but I dont expect any support for it. The Solteks are still working, but the Soyo is dead.. it does nothing when I power it..

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  5. I just got a confirmation email from Soltek that they will send me the capacitors in the next day.. and was not asked to pay anything, so that is good.

    So, if any of you have some doubt about Soltek support, well, this is by far the best one I've seen so far. This is one reason for which I choose Soltek.

    So, I have to wait for them, from wherever they may come... Once I'll get them, I'll try to find some time to install them...

    I'll keep you informed..

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  6. Today, I got the new capacitors directly from Soltek, Taiwan. They where in Vancouver, Canada the 6 of june, 6 days after I got the confirmation mail... and from Vancouver to Quebec, which is in the very same country, it took 7 days...

    Now, I'm going to start working on the SL-DRV5 first. I dont have a CPU to test it, thou. After, I will make the SL-75FRN2-RL. This board is still running good, as only 2 capacitors shows as bad.. but I will replace all the one that I have spare for. The capacitors are each in their bag, marked for the board thay are going on..

    So, all I have to say is, if you need a motherboard, please, have a look at Soltek boards. I mostly use them, and I'm very satisfied with their stability, performance and Soltek's support!! They really deserve my business..

    Soltek mothrboard can be bought in the USA at Newegg and at NCIX for canadian customers.

    I'll keep you informed with the result of my surgery!!!

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  7. I dont know about brand, but on them, there is a "M" and one is marked KZG ..

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