Unspecified error 0xc0000022

win 7 home OS
did a system restore and got this err msg:
An unspecified error occurred during System Restore.. (0xc0000022)
I have no other information to go off of.
I didn't do the system restore because some adware got into my email system and was sending out emails to all my contacts. I unsubscribed to that company and ran Malware bytes. The restore was to go one last step to be rid of the adware.
What is this err message telling me and does anyone have an idea how to remedy so I can complete my system restore? Thanks in advance.
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    1. open a command Prompt as Admin, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, right click on the Command Prompt and select Run as Admin, type sfc/scannow and hit enter, see if it goes away, if not do a clean boot and see if it goes away, if it does then you can enable hardware and find the problem
  2. thanks, executed the scannow and nothing was wrong. haven't tried to restore again yet. been busy. thank you for the suggestions, will try restore soon, if err persists, will try clean boot.
  3. type verifier in the search area of the start menu and make these selections -

    1. Select 2nd option - "Create custom settings (for code developers)"
    2. Select 2nd option - "Select individual settings from a full list"
    3. Check these boxes -
    • Special Pool
    • Pool Tracking
    • Force IRQL checking
    • Deadlock Detection
    • Security Checks (Windows 7)
    • Miscellaneous Checks
    4. Select last option - "Select driver names from a list"
    5. Click on the Provider heading - sorts list by Provider
    6. Check ALL boxes where "Microsoft" IS NOT the Provider
    7. Click on Finish
    8. Re-boot

    Make sure to MAKE TO NEW RESTORE POINT PRIOR TO RUNNING IT...after then, view the dump files and see what the main issue is.
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  5. To all who offered help, it appears the scannow (number13 suggested) must have triggered a correction somehow. I am able to restore again. The scannow command did not reflect any specific err to correct. I don't recall it asking me to proceed with a "fix" or something. ??? All I can report is that the restore command is functional once again. Thanks all for your assistance.
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