need help picking a motherboard

im lookin to build a new computer, it will be used for gaming. I want to spend roughly 100 - 150$ on the motherboard. Ive been reading through these boards and it seems like the athlon 64 3000 (939) is the way to go for my price range. As for video, i think im going to get the Radeon 9800 256mb. Any suggestions ?
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  1. What will you be doing with this system? Overclocking at all? Also the R9800 Pro 256MB is what like $200 or so? You can get a 6600GT that'll outperform it for less.

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  2. i will not be Overclocking.
  3. Yeah get a 6600GT, 10x better than a 9800Pro.
  4. You got a very special wusy. :wink: Special just like you. :O

    Umm I'd probably look at the EpoX nF4 boards. They've got one that is pretty well priced.

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  5. Hrrmm like $20 difference? I'd probably pay up for the SATA2 compatability and Firewire.

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  6. Yeah it was $122 when I bought it. But it's OK I think it's worth it. And I was going to buy a SLI board so I ended saving money.

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  7. When I build a system and have a budget I always try to get into something that can be upgraded. There are alot of great M/B out there find the one that you like for that proce range you can pick up just about anything. However I would go with a PCI Express Video and mayber even an SLI Option For Later.... That will really set you up Good luck.
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