How do you make the ps3 recognise a folder for streaming?

I had my friend set it up the way it is now.

Bit I wanna stream off a different hard drive.
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  1. The file your content is located in has to be named VIDEO or MUSIC depending on which you are streaming. The PS3 will recognize it then.
  2. The VIDEO and MUSIC folders are required on direct-attached storage devices like a USB flash drive or external hard drive, although the Triangle can be hit, along with Display All to see the files.

    Or are you talking about streaming media over network-attached drives and PCs? If so, more information is needed. If an external hard drive, what model, networkable, DLNA certified? If a PC, is it on the same LAN, using PS3 Media Server or other?
  3. streaming wireless.
  4. There's a lot more information needed to assist you. Instead of me "interviewing" you one question at a time, go ahead and write down your whole setup and what you are hoping to accomplish.
  5. Short answer - I would say start from scratch and use the free program PS3 Media Server (google it for the home site).

    Setting it up is very straightforward and you can choose whichever directories you want to share, including multiple ones from different drives.
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