GTA IV - *STILL* Crashing??

Currently using a computer I bought back in early 2009 (specs below) that I really haven't had any problems with (game-wise) until lately. When I first got it, I installed GTA IV and was able to play through basically the entire game without any problems. Hadn't played it in several months, and recently reformatted my HD just to clean up some junk.

Reinstalled Vista and GTA IV, patched everything with current drivers, and GTA starts crashing - sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 15 minutes into the game. Sometimes I get a crash to desktop, sometimes a system reboot, and once or twice a BSOD.

After reading others that had similar problems - and their solutions - I tried everything from installing .NET 3.5 to reducing my resolution in-game, to using command-line options within the GTA folder. Nothing improved.

So, I create a new partition, and install XP, just to see if it might be a recent Vista update that is causing the problems. Essentially the same thing starts happening in XP. Once or twice this week, I've been able to get 30 minutes of gametime in, other times, 15-20 seconds.

This game has been out two years, and I haven't seen any recent discussions of fixes for these sorts of problems. So is this somehow a video card issue? This isn't what I'd call an "underpowered" videocard - especially since I never had problems with it when I first got the system (same OS and same game) I've tried various iterations of drivers, but still no joy.

So I'm really at a loss here. Any ideas or recommendations?

Vista/XP Dual Boot
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
4 GB Ram
Radeon 4850
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  1. Maybe you have bad RAM, a bad video card or the PSU is going bad? I would go and get various benchmarking tools (such as MemTest, Prime95, etc) and run those to see if you run into problems.

    Since it's crashing under Vista and XP, that almost points to a hardware problem possibly. Or, try reverting back to older GPU drivers. Maybe the latest ones are causing problems?
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