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Sports minded ppl playing games on the PC?

Of course compared to consoles sports games on the PC multiplayer or 1 player area weaker segment in terms of sales, albiet the smaller screens and keyboard, but is this also a social issue where more sports oriented people/jocks/full time sports fans and high school/college kids that play sports use consoles rather than PC's?

Pls comment as this is interesting and perhaps TOMs can make an article on PC sports games and peripherials of today. Will motion detection and the camera help like the Wii?

Im sure there are many sports minded ppl that play seriously(Im not talking about watching games/matches) as well as build and play PC games like MMo's and strategy games, but putting steriotypes aside I would like to see if this is true.
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  1. i love playing sports games, and i am a pc gamer, but i gatta say, the quality of sports games on the pc has plummeted over the last few years. its no wonder pc sports games sales suck. they cant compete in terms of quality with the offering on the consoles. i remember picking up NHL09 for the pc, then going to a friends house and playing NHL09 on the PS3, two completely different games in terms of Graphics, Play style, control, etc. the pc version honestly to me played and looked almost identical to NHL04 when i bought it last. made me regret buying it after about 15min of playing. I'm willing to bet that there are thousands of gamers out there that would agree.

    for now i just get my hockey and golf game fix from the consoles when hanging out with friends. pc sports game devs/publisher will not get another dime out of me until they stop giving us such garbage.

    for anyone still reading this, sorry about the rant, but it had to be said.
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    Yeah, I love gaming on my pc but it does have a few drawbacks. Like w/ NBA 2k10 the icons don't match my logitech controller. The graphics r much better than on a ps3 though.
    I finally broke n bot a ps3 cuz I wanted to play the new Madden so bad. I've been playing Madden 07 since it came out and have been updating my roster thanks to the great folks over at, but I wanted to play w/ better graphics so I got a PS3. NHL 09 on pc is a ps2 port, not ps3 so that sucks; but yes I do hav it on pc. I also have mlb 2k10 on pc and have no comlaints about it; even the controls are perfect w/ my logitech controller; the only sucky part is the show's supposed to be the best baseball game out there and that's a ps3 exclusive.
    I love gaming on my pc and will be geting nba 2k11 on it; and its 20bucks cheaper too.
  3. any more? I think the fact that multiplayer is held or handicapped to be played with ppl on oter computers and not sharing one screen, which is usually in isolation an not truly interacting with friends whereas consoles, your friends can physically be there and you can taunt all you want face to face...

    Maybe sports games are still proof that games arestill more fun with physical and more human interaction rather than voice or text interaction.. meaning online gaming, unless you are playing on a LAN.... but then again, how many ppl have private LAN conections with 4 pc's inked ALL the time?
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