Arcania: Gothic 4 Demo

The Arcania demo will be released on September 24th. It allows players to try out select quests at the tutorial level on Feshyr Island. It's said to be the first two hours of the game :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

cant wait

Arcania will launch on October 12th.
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  1. I never finished gothic 3, which is the only one I tried as it was pretty frustrating, especially the combat. Is this one made by the same people or not as I thought they went onto risen.
  2. really i coundnt play gothic 2 4 that reason so i gave up on it but g3 was good g4 i hope will be even better. not sure who made g3
  3. I have high hopes for Gothic 4, cant wait till next month..... :pt1cable:
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