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Using Patches in games (specifically GTA 4)

Hey all,

When i get the latest patch for GTA 4, (, do i need the earlier versions or are they incorporated into the latest patch? Or does it depend on the programmer? Any and all help appreciated. And does it differ from game to game?

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  1. If its retail - i have no idea - it doesn't hurt to download and try - it may give you an error and tell you you are trying to patch an incorrect version (therefor download previous patches and there ya go...); if its steam... well i'll assume you know what happens (but im also assuming you arent using steam).
  2. Yes, it's retail, and i can only find this patch, others are not available (that i can find anyway), so i'll assume that it should be fine. And I have no internet at home, I have an account with Steam, but not using it for this game.

    if its steam... well i'll assume you know what happens...

    You've piqued my curiousity, what will happen?
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    The patching process differs from game to game.

    Sometime only incremental patches are release and you must install patch v1.1, then v1.2, then v1.3, then v1.4 and finally v1.5.

    Sometime "complete" or "full" patches are released and you can just upgrade directly to patch v1.5.
  4. I'm playing it safe and have found (go google!) and downloaded all the patches (assuming they keep the same incremental labels), and I will let you know how it goes!

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