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Mafia 2 on my system

I normally wouldn't post on a game requirement but its just a self conscious thing almost like on reassurance.

I was looking at mafia 2 but im not to sure what settings i could play at. I would guess high shadows with meduim physx ( weres textures )

windows 7
3 gigs of ram
intel core 2 duo 8400 3.0
gts 250 512mb ( unless its the wrong card becuase can you run it says i have 1 gig )

I have resident evil and the recomended cpu for it is quad also but i can play it maxed out ( no AA ) with 63-100 fps. So im not to sure...
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    high shadows yes,
    but i doubt w/ medium physx. Even low would be a stretch w/o altering system files.
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