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Final Fantasy xiv

Just ran the benchmark for FF xiv and scored in the low 1300s. I am wondering what I can do to improve this score. My Computer:
Pentium D processor 820 dual core 2.8
windows xp media center 2005 (32 bit)
gts250 512 ddr3 graphics card
2 gb ddr2 memory
Any suggestions?
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  1. get better cpu graphics card and more ram
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    and I think a lot of ppl are going to be upgrading their pc for this game when it may be unecessary.

    1st off, turn depth of field and ambient occlusion off. They appear to be eating graphics power hard on my setup and others. I was able to run it fine with everything maxed except those things. When turned on framerate was ugly.

    ur computers not that bad, but my suggestion is to look at the minimum system requirements on the developers site or wiki.

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