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Hey, I just heard that it is not possible to put a 60 day/90 day membership card on WoW without having at least one month payed for with a credit card. Is this true? As someone who is fully intent on starting WoW in the next little while, but lacks any type of access to a credit card, this worries me. If this is true, can you install the game card if you already have the one month membership that comes with the original game? Thanks.
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  1. Easy to find out if this is true, head over to your local game store/Best Buy/ etc.. look for the pre-paid cards for WoW. Check the time they give you, and see if you can buy it with cash.
  2. you can buy it with what ever you want and dont have to have a credit card ever and there isnt tax on those cards cuz its like a gift card type thing and you can log in your account and put in the game card you dont need to pay for a month with one
  3. IIRC Blizzard was pushing at some point to make everyone use their real name on the Forums and perhaps they were making you use a credit card at least once to verify who you were - But I believe they stopped that due to the complaints about the policy.
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