Bioshock 1 and 2 related story???

hi all i cant really find any answers of this bug question

does bioshock 2 continue the story wich the firist 1 started or is it another story

cuz i cant find bioshock 1 in any stores in my country only bioshock 2

would i understand the story if i get the second one ???

im gonna buy it today so plz reply fast
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  1. it goes off the first one you should be able to know what is going on and everything
  2. Bioshock 2 happens years after the first one and since you are in the role of a Big Daddy rather than the original protagonist, knowing or not knowing the previous story isn't all that important. It does help flesh out the story in BioShock 2 a bit more, but nothing that would really cause you not to understand what is going on in the second game.
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