EADM (EA Download Manager) not working

I am trying to download BF2: Special Forces via EADM and it is not even offering me a download tab, only a play game tab. The download bar shows as not downloaded.

When I hit the play tab for euro force it brings me to bf2 interface because patch 1.5 comes with euroforce but when i hit the play tab for special forces it does nothing. I am logged in properly. It is correctly showing that I have purchased special forces, but i can't get the download to start.

Honestly EADM freaking sucks! I have read different issues of it online and have made sure my setup covers them. Everything seems to be fine on my end. I frankly think the application is just plain broke.
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  1. Also i just attempted to try the product code activation for the original bf2 game and it is saying it is an invalid code. I tried it numerous times and same results.
  2. sounds like you got it all figured out. I also remember EADM being a huge joke. I didnt know 1.5 patch came with euroforce. At least one of us learned something from this ordeal. gl gentlemen hth :]
  3. p.s. all ur monies r b3long to EA
  4. Talk to EA in their chat thingy.... Try making sure you are signed in, (I don't have a play tab?) ... There is no "download" tab it is under you account name.... YES IT DOES STINK!!!!!!
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