Blank Screen pointers 2 fix a FoxConn 865+CeleronD


Need some help trouble shooting a fox conn MotherBoard (865PE7MC-ES) with intel Celeron D processor. I am getting a blank screen when trying to start the system.


MB + 1GB DDR 400 RAM dimm + 1 PCI ATI VGA Card (Nothing else connected to track down the problem. The VGA card works on another system. Unplugging the RAM and starting results in the MB giving out a long beep. I'll try with a PC 2700 RAM to be sure.. but Looks like its not the RAM).

The 12V molex is connected to the MB for CPU power.

The MB does not beep at all when started.

The fan starts, cpu starts (know cause it gets hot). Seems like the BIOS does not get loaded (cause the Keyboard is not funtional too, checked the cap-lock key, whose power led does not toggle).

Any ideas ?

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  1. Yes, there are lots of possible causes and most are listed in the first post of this very forum.

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  2. Thanks for the help... I was able to get it to work after flashing the bios with the most recent one on the foxConn website.
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