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CoD4- cant find any servers please help!

Ok, so all of a sudden CoD4 stopped retrieving servers when i refresh. No servers come up. It only says Refresh time: and the time of the day and date. I cannot connect to any of my other computers when i have a LAN, but i can be in my own server. It has been like this a while. I have tried restarting the PC, reinstalling CoD4, repairing cod4, made sure my anti virus isnt blocking it and patching it from 1.6 to 1.7. What shall i do? Please help! :??:
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  1. send an email to their support staff.
  2. It works on all of my other computers! Wich is 3 others.... Oh and ive also tried changing the key code but it didnt help.... How do i get in contact with their support staff?
  3. check the setting and see if thats the problem and if it is not then just wait a couple of days or try to downgrade/upgrade to a diff version
  4. a couple of days? it has been like this for weeks! It has happened before, but not in such long periods. And i have tried patching to 1.7 but it didnt work...
  5. Totally reinstall the game, and update to the latest patch. If you can't update to the latest patch, please post the error message you get when you try.

    After that, if it still doesn't show any servers, try cycling between the different connection options on the browser, from Internet to LAN to Favorites then back to Internet, and it should do a full refresh and at least show some servers. The browser requires a bit of coaxing, but after a while you should be able to see a full server list.

    The other alternative is to download a third-party server browser that support CoD 4, such as XFire or QTracker.

  6. Try do a network setup again that could also be the problem as this weekend my brother suffered the same there after it worked.
  7. Usually the problem has fixed itself... but not this time :( How do i do a network setup?
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    Well you go to control panel network setup will be there and go through the step by step setting, I have noticed sometimes on my own computer that i won't see anyone and once i do that it works, Hopefully this will solve the issue
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    nHey man thans for selecting me for giving the best answer, Now and then you will notice you don't see anyone and sometimes you do the step by step network setup and still nothing, While your in netwok places click search and type the desired name and it will pop up. :D
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