Oblivion IV walking issue?

I recently installed Oblivion IV and everything is working great except that when I try to walk or run my character runs at a very, very slow motion. Everything else is fine. I can punch, look around, jump, grab things, sit at the stoop and the 'gate guard' comes up to me fine. I just can't walk or run. This is the first time I've played the game and I am looking forward to it. Any ideas?
(I am the beginning of the level in the dungeon)

Win7 Ultimate
AMD 9950 BE @ 2.6
2 DDR2 PC 8500
7800 GT

Everything is on Ultra settings (the game detected this and I only have problems with walking).
Purchased from Steam.
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  1. Try turning down the graphics settings (probably won't help, but might as well rule out the simple stuff first).
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    Do you have a joystick or other input device plugged in while using the keyboard for movement ?? -- sometimes the joystick will be sending conflicting movement info which will cause this type of problem - try removing the joystick and see if things clear up !
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  4. JDFan,
    thanks for the answer, I did have my wingman joystick connected.
    I had a similar issue a long time ago with another game, totally forgot about it.
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