Ati radeon hd 5870 better than nvidia geforce 330?

im trying to find a really good graphics card for my pc to play ff14 when it comes out. i think these are the the two better ones i have found... i think. im not a computer wizz i just know how to use computers for task i want to complete lol >.> anyone have any knowledge they can relay to me? thanx
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  1. That is no comparison, the 5870 is much better. You should be comparing cards like the 5770/5870/5850 to the GTX 460/470/480.
  2. is the ati radeon 5870 one of the better graphics card on the market then and so should i choose that one when thinking about ff14 as its at the top end of the graphics margin for games? this is the first time i had to buy and think about components for myself so any reply will help! thank you.
  3. Yes, the Radeon 5870 and NVidia GTX 470/480 are the top single GPU cards. Search around (including on this forum) for people's results with the FF14 benchmark to see which cards score well.
  4. and the 5870 runs a lot cooler then the equivalent nvida card so does not heat up your case. I know cos I have one, and its very good.
  5. i second that
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