Bad Company 2 on Xbox 360, smooth?

Hello everybody.
I was wondering if BC2 runs smoothly on Xbox 360 Slim? Im considering buying the console and the game (in sweden) but as I am a PC gamer I am afraid the Xbox 360 hardware is insufficient and at "intense fights" I will encounter annoying fps drops. I am aware the graphics are set lower than on a general PC, but does it really run smoothly? Multiplayer is what I really want to play in BC2, will I "get used to" the gamepad instead of keyboard+mouse? :??: :)
Thanks a bunch.
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  1. What r ur pc specs? Why not game on your pc? I bought a ps3 and personally I hate it. The graphics are inferior and the controller sucks (except for sports games but the gfx still suck).
  2. Don't bother if you think it won't work... there are tons of guides to upgrade the Hard drive.
  3. I have an xbox 360 and bfbc2, and it runs perfectly. There's no issues what so ever. One of the things about the xbox 360 is that you don't have to worry about the hardware being insufficient because most of the games are designed for consoles (with some obvious exceptions like crysis 2). I've played probably 40 games on my xbox, and all of them have ran smoothly (with a good internet connection).
    oh and as for the controller, I don't know. It'll depend on how much you play the game :)
  4. He said slim....
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