What can I do to improve my laptop to play starcraft 2

Hi guys, I wouuld like to know if anyone can help me. I just recently bought staercraft 2, and i already installed it in my laptop, but i´m not been able to play it as good as I would like :sweat: . My laptop has a very poor video card (only 64 mb of dedicated memory, and integrated) and [I would like to Improve , if is there any chance, my computer, because it´s very frustating been playing the way i have been. I don´t know if I can install it another video card, or replace the one ta¿hat already has, or if there is any way to cahnge some settings that allow me to have a better play. I don´t know the exactly specs pf my laptop, only that it has a dual core cpu, the video memory (64mb) and i don´tn know where I can find them. thanks any help is welcome.
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  1. We need the computer specs/model #... Thanks~ Atotalnoob~~
  2. otherwise I can only guess.
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