Doom3 a tech demo like quake 1?

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The problem with doom3 was the generic levels that became repetitive
after the first few levels. D3 was scary the first few levels then it
became monotonous. I had high hopes for this game. I wonder if ID
mainly spent most of the time making the engine for licence purposes
and sold D3 similar in fashion to Quake.
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    On Fri, 24 Dec 2004 04:59:22 +0100, "Grieve" <>

    >"Michael-NC" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    >> "jdobb2001" <> wrote in message

    <SNIP> mainly reasonable points....

    >Btw. what are you looking for in when you cry "Doom 3 is
    >turd" ? This is a place for people that like the Doom games.
    >If you don't like it you should not be here.
    It is entirely possible to like Doom 1 & 2 and not like Doom 3.

    >Doom 3 might be another basically uninspired game by iD, but the most
    >important thing is the mighty new engine.
    >I think great games will be created with this engine, the biggest will
    >(hopefully) be Quake 4.
    looks very pretty but how will it play?

    >Because turd like Far Cry and HL2 is just boring.
    Turd like Half Life 2.....

    These are the first 20 reviews bought up by Google when entering
    "Half Life 2 Review" (without quotes)

    Gamespot review 9.2/10 "Superb"
    Gamespot readers 8356 ratings -, average 9.4/10
    IGN review 9.7/10
    IGN readers reviews 1463 ratings, average 9.7/10 Ranked as the best
    ever game.
    Gamespy review 5/5
    Firingsquad 95%
    Boomtown 10/10
    Eurogamer 10/10 5/5
    Adrenaline Vault 5/5
    Ferrago 95%
    Homelanfed 97%
    Sharkey Extreme 8/10
    Tom's Hardware Guide 9/10 (not 10/10 because of lack of M/P.. which it
    now has) 5 drips/6 drips "Drool Award"!
    Yahoo Games Domain 10/10
    Games Extreme 98%
    Frictionless Insight 5/5 90/100
    3D 95%
    PC Zone magazine 97%

    I'm sure I could probably check another 50 sites and still not get a
    bad review.

    and I'm sure if I could be bothered to do the same for Far Cry the
    results would be almost as impressive.

    Games software is not a sport where you are cheering on a team to beat
    other games companies, you buy a product and expect that product to be
    of reasonable quality

    >Even if they fail being original, iD's games got the substance, the depth,
    >the power.
    Doom 3 is undoubtedly good in certain areas, the graphics are
    undoubtedly excellent, almost as good as Half Life 2 and Far Cry and
    the should is very atmospheric but the fact is that Doom 3 is severely
    lacking in several areas:

    Firstly the stupidity of the enemies, they just wander towards with
    the most minimal amount of thought, what do you do if an enemy come
    towards you? just hide round the corner and open up on them when they
    wander round the corner - very poor AI.

    The "story". The email and the audio clips are interesting to start
    off with and give a great feel for the location and the mood but
    having to trail through other peoples junk e-mails to get the codes to
    open the cabinets gets very very very boring very quickly.

    The engine. lets face facts D2 really is a huge resource pig, I had a
    Athlon 2500+ Barton, 1 gig ram in dual channel mode and a FX5900 and
    it really did chug, even at 800x600 medium quality it would still chug
    at less that 30FPS.

    On the same hardware Far Cry would run at 1024x768 wonderfully
    smoothly and look better than D3 at medium quality.

    again on the same system Half Life 2 looks better, runs at 1024x768
    with all the graphic options at maximum, has far better physics and
    far better AI and runs at more than 90FPS.

    >People without depth, like you, wouldn't understand.
    up until the above paragraphs all your points were fairly reasonable
    but the fact is that iD is singularly failed to come up with the goods
    recently, Quake 3 had no plot whatsoever as was the ultimate tech
    demo, sure the MP game was good but single player? pointless.
    Wolfenstein was OK but broke no new ground whatsoever.

    >I still love iD and Raven Software. There is no real need for other game
    without competition there be no evolution.

    >The games that are created by others are shallow and unnecessary
    >iD is bigger than the rest. They are the true innovators.

    if only they still were, they can't come up with the goods when it
    comes to technological advances and they haven't come with anything
    new since Hexen 6 or 7 years ago, they were great at technological
    advances but Doom 3 just doesn't cut the mustard, sure it looks great
    but it is far too much of a resource hog.

    (Blakes 7, City on the Edge of the World - Vila in typical panic mode)
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