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Will this cheapo system run WoW?

Im am looking to buy a cheap system that will just be able to run WoW decently on a 19" screen. My questions about the setup below, how will that CPU hold up and will I be able to add a new video card to it and stay within the current power supply?

Processor: Intel E2180 Dual Core 2.0 Ghz CPU Speed. Bus Speed 800 MHz, L2 Cache Size 1 MB, L2 Cache Speed 2 GHz. Package Type LGA775, Manufacturing Technology 65 nm.

Motherboard: ASROCK WOLFDALE 1333-D667 INTEL 945GC A2. CPU Socket 775 support Intel Dual Core. Chipset: Intel 945GC & ICH7.

Memory: 2x 240 pin DDR-667/533 DIMMs, Dual Channelm, Non-ECC, Un-buffered, Max Capacity 4GB.

Slots: 1x PCI-Express x16 Slot; 1x PCI-Express x1 Slot; 2x PCI Slots. IDE/SATA: 1x ATA -100 Channel; 4x SATA2 Ports.

Audio: Intergrated High Definition Audio CODEC.

VIDEO: Intel GMA 950 Graphics Controller, Max Shared Memory 224MB.

LAN: Realtek 8101E PCI-Express x1 Fast Ethernet Controller.

Ports: 8x USB 2.0 Ports (6 rear, 2 by headers); 2x PS/2 Ports; 1x serial Port; 1x Parallel Port; 1x VGA Port; 1x RJ45 LAN Port; Audio I/O Jacks.

Power Connector: 1x 24pin Main Power; 1x 4pin CPU Power.

Form Factor: Micro ATX, 9.6 x 8.7 inch / 24.4 x 22.1 cm.

HARD DRIVE: Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 HDP725050GLA360, 500GB SATA-300 7200RPM

MID TOWER ATX: Seven Punch Out Expansion Slots , Case Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 16 inches., Card Reader / Writer, 3 USB Port in Case Front, CF/MD, XD, SD/MMC, Micro SD . Model PW-480, Voltage 115/230Vk. :bounce:
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  1. your system is nice but you need a discrete graphics card to run wow smoothly, i had a similar system with a geforce 9500GT and it ran really nicely

    you can get a similar powered gfx card or better for around 50$-100$
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    Your Cpu will hold up fine as i had an E6600 core 2 due 2.4Ghz and it was more than enough.

    i would suggest you pay around 50$-100$ for a nice graphics card.

    either get a medium end Ati 4000 series or a low end 5000 series if you dont want to pay much. if you want DX11 (Cataclysm will support it) get the 5k series else get a faster 4k series for a lower price
  3. Thanks for the reply. Any reason you suggest ATI over Nvidia for the card? And will my power supply be able to handle a new card?
  4. If you get even the low end of the cards recommended here:,2697.html they will run WoW just fine at pretty much maxed out settings. I'm running it on a ATI x800, and it runs just fine, even the lower end of game cards now will beat what I have.
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