Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 freezes PC.

Hey whats up, little help with this, i have a core i7 920, mobo evga 3x sli, single evga gtx 275 and 6gb xms3 ddr3. The thing is that sometimes when i am in the middle of a online match the game and my pc freezes at all, i hace tried just waiting until it responses but it never does, so i have to reboot my pc, now this happens sometimes only, not always. I don know what could it be. Even when i try to join a match it sometimes freezes to. What could be causing this.
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  1. maybee on online issue or make sure your system is well cooled and clean inside. Also try differnet drivers if all else fails.
  2. I recently clean up my system and the game does not freezed for about 2 hours. But i stopped playing the game but when i returned later to play again, it started over again with the problems. I think it may be an online issue like a high ping or whatever, i dont know a lot of that stuff but i dont think it could be drivers, cause it is up to date.
  3. So Im guessing you have a high end psu as well?
  4. mmmmm i cant say it is a high end psu i dont know too much about psu`s but mien is a speedmine.... something... i dont know... it is of 750 watts. Is it good?
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